6 Things to do on a Sunday in Belfast

My mum likes to respond to childish whingeing of “I’m bored” with “only boring people get bored”.
I was finally inclined to agree with her when Aoife, our lovely B&B owner, told ¬†us that she often has guests complaining there’s nothing to do in Belfast on a Sunday afternoon.
Anyone who has told you there’s nothing to do in Belfast on a Sunday afternoon is just boring. We managed to do not one, but six awesome things in one afternoon!
1. St George’s Markets
I was shocked at how few people were on the streets in Belfast. When I entered packed St George’s Markets, I realised where they all were! This large market boasts some of the best market food I’ve ever encountered. I could have eaten four times over! I eventually settled on a perfect paella.
2. Ulster Museum
Part art gallery, part cultural museum, part natural history museum, there’s something for everyone at the Ulster. Paul enjoyed the Lavery collection. I liked the¬†triceratops.
3. Victoria Square
This modern shopping centre includes a glass lookout and a mexican place with great margaritas.
4. Go for a walk
Just walking around this city is a pleasure. Mind you, we were blessed with extraordinary weather.
5. The Crown Pub
One of the oldest and most loved landmarks in Belfast, the ornate Crown Pub is the best place in Belfast to enjoy your obligatory pint of Guiness. I happened to enjoy mine in a pie, which I’ll add was delicious.
6. The Botanical Gardens
The grounds make for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon walk, and the Palm House is pretty impressive too.

One thought on “6 Things to do on a Sunday in Belfast

  1. So basically all Belfast offers is a nice walk?? Wish I didn’t live here it needs to get with the times like all other citys in uk

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