Skye High: Under My Kilt

There was only one dragon in Loch Ness today. And I was wearing it on my bum. It’s the age-old question about kilts: what do they wear underneath? Little did I know when I volunteered to try one on, my entire HAGGiS Adventures group would find out the answer! In my case, the answer was […]

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The Olympics Without a Ticket

Like most Londoners, I missed out on tickets to the Olympics. I tried dozens of times and fell flat. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and there are still  loads of reasons it’s awesome to be in London during the Olympics – even if you can’t catch any of the events in person. Reason #1: […]

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A Very Soggy Jubilee

Convinced that London was the place to be over Jubilee weekend, I resisted the urge to book a trip elsewhere. In my head, it was going to be the Summer Christmas I never got, complete with Pimm’s in the park and a royal flotilla. But unfortunately, the sun disagreed with me. So, the barbecue lunch became an […]

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A Weekend in Lincoln

Apparently kids from Lincoln are quite nonplussed when they go to Paris and see Notre Dame, according to Emily and Chloe. After growing up next to this magnificent monstrosity, it’s not hard to see why.Even at midnight on a foggy night in spring, the lights of Lincoln Cathedral serve as a beacon for miles. Probably because unlike St Paul’s […]

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6 Strange Things to Do in York

One of the best things about living in King’s Cross is the easy access to trains heading north towards Scotland. We wanted to show our visiting relatives a side of England that you can’t get in London, and decided to take them up to York for the day to experience Ye Olde England. East Coast trains offer cheap off-peak […]

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5 Titanic Tributes in Belfast

When we booked a trip to Belfast for the weekend of the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic disaster, we had no idea just how much the city that birthed the ship of dreams would do to commemorate it. The Grand Old Opera House had a performance of Titanic: The Musical that began at exactly 11:40pm […]

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Giant’s Causeway

Determined to see more than just Belfast on my first trip to Northern Ireland, I booked a day trip with Allen’s Tours to the country’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Giant’s Causeway. The first stop of the day is barely an hour outside Belfast. The formidable Carrickfergus castle. Northern Ireland has produced uncharacteristically sublime […]

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