Cinque Terre:
My Favourite Place

Have you ever rewatched a movie you loved as a kid? It’s usually a mistake. The sets are cardboard; the acting wooden. Your bubble of joyous memories is deflated by the poorly-written, laborious reality. So, by that logic, is it a mistake for a traveller to revisit one of their favourite places? I was afraid to find […]

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My Favourite Place"

Rome: Third Time Lucky

This is my third time in Rome, and I’ve never seen the Sistine Chapel! Six years ago, atop St Peter’s Basilica I was 19 the first time I visited. But somehow my brother and I managed to visit the Vatican on the one day that Michelangelo’s labour of love was closed to the public. An […]

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Jammed into a tiny cabin with six people, I woke at 5am on Boxing Day en route to Venice. The sun was rising somewhere over the Italian countryside. Venice welcomed us with a crisp winter sky. As we walked to our hostel, we barely saw a soul. Crossing the Grand Canal at about 7:30am after […]

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Night Ferry Across the Adriatic

I’ve crossed borders all sorts of ways, but never by boat. I’ve never slept on one either. So I’m really looking forward to the overinght ferry from Bari, Italy to the last (and most hotly anticipated) stop on our trip Dubrovnik, Croatia. I think I would have more to say about the trip if I’d […]

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I’ve wanted to visit the buried Roman town of Pompeii ever since studying it as a kid. While Rome itself should hold more attraction, there’s something eerily engaging about the idea of a whole town frozen in time, where life just stopped in an instant and no development has occurred for nearly 2,000 years. There’s […]

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Positano is a former fishing town built on the side of a steep cliff on the Amalfi Coast near Naples. It has one, one-way road that snakes its way 4.5km down from the main highway and back up again, with drivers (mainly on scooters and tiny three wheeled trucks) racing round the hairpin bends like […]

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Today I discovered that Capri is the kind of place 60 year old men take their 30 year old lovers to the beach in matching Prada jandals. And turquoise Capri pants, naturally. Despite feeling like the lower class all day, Capri really is a magnificent place. We were blessed with flawless weather, which we only […]

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