I have never heard a story about driving in Rome that didn’t involve a hospital. My main memory from coming here five years ago (sans automobile) is nuns on scooters cutting you off when you try to cross the road. So I booked a place half an hour out of Rome that had free carparking […]

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Driving Through Tuscany

The drive from Siena to Rome took us right through Tuscany and Umbria. My lasting impression will be the fields of sunflowers. Well, the fields of sunflowers and the crazy Italian drivers! Before long you realise that manoeuvres you would have swiftly tooted back home don’t even seem rude anymore! Thanks to a travel tip […]

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Il Palio di Siena

Walking into Siena, we could see that our day was going to be something special. Other travellers all over Italy have been jealous that we were able to plan our trip to put us in Siena on the day of the annual Palio. Twice a year, the whole city grinds to a halt for a […]

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We had a blip when we first arrived in Florence. It was pouring with rain, and the hotel owner informs me that he accidentally overbooked and transferred our booking to another place on the other side of town. We were planning on visiting David at the Galleria dell’Accademia but had tried and failed both online […]

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