The Hard Thing

Is it ok if I get a bit melodramatic for a minute? It’s exactly a year since I left New Zealand. I just put on the playlist that I made on that day and it’s giving me all the feels. Just four songs, all with the words “home” or “goodbye” in the title, that I […]

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My Tony Awards

I love the Tony Awards. At this time of year, all the new shows are starting up, and it’s hard not to wonder which one will take the big prize. I couldn’t resist choosing my own winners! This isn’t so much a prediction, it’s just who I would give the award to. I couldn’t see […]

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Last Day in New York

We woke up feeling bittersweet this morning. That’s a feeling I’m getting used to. I love New York and it feels weird to say that I’m ready to go. After checking out (and having one last lesson on spotting fakes from Snoring Lamp Man), we tool the subway to the Museum of Natural History. We […]

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