Last Day in New York

We woke up feeling bittersweet this morning. That’s a feeling I’m getting used to. I love New York and it feels weird to say that I’m ready to go.

After checking out (and having one last lesson on spotting fakes from Snoring Lamp Man), we tool the subway to the Museum of Natural History.

We hopped on the wrong line, and by the time we got there, we only really had time to do one thing. I wanted to do the dinosaurs. Paul wanted to do the Gift Shop. Go figure.

We went to the dinosaurs.

Then we headed back to the Theater District to enjoy our final (eleventh) broadway show, the fantastic Driving Miss Daisy.

After buying one last enormous Jamba Juice, we dropped by the New York Public Library. It was cavernous and felt very foreboding. You have to go through two metal detectors and up two stone flights of stairs before you see a book. Well, except for the books in the gift shop. Go figure.

Paul in front of the library.


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