Life Lesson #14 – Presidential Treatment

Today I learned that you should always check the President’s schedule before booking a shuttle in New York City. Even if you think you’re being clever by making sure that you have door-to-door service (thereby not having to negotiate the subway in peak hour with 8 bags), you’re going to have to walk three blocks anyway, because the President will be in town at the precise moment your shuttle is due to arrive, and the shuttle driver will call you in a panic telling you he can’t come and you have to walk ten blocks, so by the time you negotiate him down, three blocks sounds like a good deal. And, like a cartoon, when you step outside with your eight bags it will begin to rain. Hard.

We didn’t get a photo of it, so I hired an artist ¬†to¬†pictorially represent it.
That’s one big backpack, one little frontpack, one big suitcase and one little suitcase.
It was mighty good fun.

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