A Visitor at Home

I’ve spent nearly four years living overseas, but I’ve never been a visitor at home. My return from London was a permanent one. But part of chasing the dream overseas means coming to terms with what you’re missing at home. And ticking the “visitor” box on the immigration form.

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The Hard Thing

Is it ok if I get a bit melodramatic for a minute? It’s exactly a year since I left New Zealand. I just put on the playlist that I made on that day and it’s giving me all the feels. Just four songs, all with the words “home” or “goodbye” in the title, that I […]

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Twice in a Lifetime

When I got back from Melbourne on Saturday, I had to fill out an arrivals card. For the first time, under ‘occupation’, I had to write ‘unemployed’. And under ‘length of visit to New Zealand’, I had to write ‘five days’. I had the stark realisation that there were tourists on my plane who would be here longer than me. […]

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Waitangi Snow

I hear Zoe shriek with excitement. Rushing into the living room, I realise she’s peering out the open window at a thick haze of spiralling snowflakes. Horizontal snow fogging the lens on Westminster Bridge. Like a true antipodean, I put on my warm clothes immediately. Before I’ve finished, I’ve had an excited txt from Kat […]

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Leo in London: Part II

I’ve heard about nothing but da Vinci all week. Ever since missing out on tickets on Saturday, Paul’s been miserable. But he’s got a plan. eBay: where everyone’s a winner.We agree on a top price and only get into one argument during the bidding. I even pause Glee to find out if we’ve won. I’m a little […]

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Leo in London: Part I

They’re calling it the greatest exhibition in history. More Leonardo da Vinci works in one place than ever before – including during his lifetime. Of course, it sells out in record time. The National Gallery opens extended hours for three months and still sells all the advance tickets in less than a week. We miss […]

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Ice Sculptures in London!

After missing the ice sculptures twice in Russia, Paul couldn’t resist surprising me when he found out there was a day long competition and exhibition right here in London! It was a great surprise, and I was amazed at the detail in the frozen water! My favourite was this downhill skier.

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The London A Cappella Festival

A few months ago, I found out that the A Cappella group who do the background music on glee are a London group called the Swingle Singers. Looking them up, I found out about the London A Cappella Festival. We booked tickets on the spot for their show tonight with another group, the Vasari Singers. […]

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An Antipodean Christmas

It’s my first Christmas on the other side of the world. It doesn’t feel much like Christmas because it’s so cold! I think I’d be able to wrap my head around it if it was snowing… but unfortunately it’s more wet, cold and rainy in London this December. I’ve learned how expensive postage to New […]

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