Last 24 Hours in Morocco

After leaving Chefchaouen, we bussed north to Tangier and had soup in café Hafa, which apparently is where the Beatles used to go. You sit on terraces overlooking the Gibraltar Strait, and can see the lights of Spain across the water. It was too dark for a photo, but a very cool experience.
Then, the overnight train back to Marrakech.
Arriving in Marrakech after 10 hours on board

We had been looking forward to using our (hopefully) expert haggling skills to get all sorts of bargains upon return to Marrakech. Unfortunately, we discovered that the town was a lot more geared towards tourists than our memories of it from a week earlier. Amazing how much a week of travel can open your eyes! The shopkeepers weren’t prepared to haggle properly, rejecting fair offers in favour trying their luck on the next unwitting tourist who didn’t know better.

In the main souk

We were meant to be staying in the same riad as last week, but through a mix-up of theirs they had to move us to somewhere else nearby. To make up for it, they gave us a free three course dinner with wine, plus airport transfers the next morning! Now that’s what I call good complaint resolution.

The next morning we felt ready to go home as we headed towards the airport. Morocco was a wonderful part of the world to experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone, but we sure were looking forward to a hot bath by the time we got on the plane!

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