I am in love with Chefchaouen. It is easily the most wonderful place we’ve been so far in our trip around Morocco.
Nestled in the Rif mountains in the north of Morocco, Chefchaouen is just a few hours drive from the coast. It boasts an unusual hybrid between Arabic and Mediterranean. There are just as many mosques as in every other town, and the architecture is undeniably Moroccan. Yet, somehow you don’t need to be told that Spain is geographically closer than Mecca; you can just feel it.
And boy is it picturesque. The whole town, almost, is blue.
Our room
Sunset over the city, from the pool at our riad

In the morning we woke up to the most spectacular sunshine we’ve seen so far in Morocco. We couldn’t wait to get out and explore the blue back-streets.

The Rif mountains in the background behind the pool at our riad
A typical street in Chefchaouen
Powder dyes on the side of the road

The kids in Chefchaouen are gorgeous. Seeing that we’re not Moroccan, they greeted us with “hola” by reflex. One thing they had in common is not liking to be photographed. This photo is my favourite photo from our entire trip in Morocco. She looked so cute walking up the stairs by the blue wall that I whipped out the camera. Instantly, she whips out this horrified look, waves her finger at me shrieking “no, no no!” I suppose I should feel bad for publishing it without her permission. But she’s just too cute!

A highlight of walking the streets was climbing the tower in the ancient Kasbah. the view was stunning.

Back at the riad, we relaxed by the pool for the afternoon, wishing we could have stayed in Chefchaouen longer, and vowing to return.


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