Life Lesson #34 – Train Stations in Casablanca Aren’t Always Romantic

Casablanca is meant to be very romantic. Especially train stations in Casablanca. Or at least that’s what the movie led me to believe. My own ending to Casablanca was significantly less romantic than the clip below.

We were standing on platform one. I felt weak and apparently looked pale. Our train was due in a few minutes. I was nervous about spending four hours on a train in my current state, but was confident that the previous twelve hours or so had emptied everything that could possibly be in my stomach.

I suddenly realised there was more and stood up in a hurry.

I had cased out the platform upon arrival and knew exactly where to find the nearest ablutions. I race there.

The men’s bathroom on platform one at Casablanca Voyageurs station has five cubicles. Two of them have flush toilets. When I run in, two cubicles are occupied… no prizes for guessing which.

Seconds later my hands and knees get sticky as I kneel over a six inch hole in the ground gifting the last of yesterday’s lunch to the pungent depths.

The train arrives while I’m on all fours.

I make it in time, but it’s a very long journey!

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