Room for Rent #4 – You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Until…

We’re moving house in four days, and I’m putting my writing habit to good use by drafting a new ad each day until we move to help our landlords advertise some of the unique characteristics of the flat we’ve grown to love over the past five months.

There’s nothing quite like a bit of serendipity at home. Imagine not knowing who you live with, until they open their door? You can be at the supermarket standing right next to your flatmate and have no idea! This house is great for hiding people. Why, every time two people move out, we replace them with three! We have a well honed talent for making living with ten people feel like living with just eight. This is so successful that previous tenants (an anti-social kiwi couple) reported not realising a ‘regular guest’ had actually been living with them for three months until they saw her moving out!

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