Ottoman Trek: Split

There’s something welcoming about Croatia that makes everyone want to come back. I chose to arrive in Split a day before my Ottoman Trek departs, to ensure I have enough time to experience this wonderful place before setting off.This is what I managed to do with 24 hours in Split, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone fortunate enough to come here:

1. Get lost in Diocletian’s Palace
This is the best preserved Roman Palace in the world. It’s huge, and a decent amount of the old town is inside it, so you can wander around for free. It’s a great starting point to help you get your bearings in Split.

The stunning alleyway inside Diocletian’s Palace that I was lucky enough to find myself lost in
The main facade of Diocletian’s Palace, from the inside out

2. Climb the Bell Tower
The view from the top of the tallest building in the Split Old Town speaks for itself. It’s a tight squeeze getting to the top, but rewarding once you make it. Also St Duje’s cathedral next door is the oldest cathedral building in the world, so it’s well worth a visit too.

The Bell Tower
View from the top. I stayed a fair while, drooling
St Duje’s Cathedral as seen from above
3. Have a hot sandwich and pomme frites from Popej
(pronounced Popeye). This little gem of a lunch stop is right next to the fish market, and crowded with locals who know it serves the best sandwiches and chips in town. And if you’ve just arrived from Western Europe, the prices will leave you in disbelief. You can’t dine in, so take your food to the Riva waterfront, sit on the edge, and eat with your feet dangling. I saw a guy lose a jandal, which was hilarious.
Riva, the main Split waterfront promenade. It’s quite modern, which is polarising
4. Check out the fruit stalls at the Green Market
I got two massive fistfuls of delicious fresh cherries for 10 kuna which is roughly €1!
The Green Market
He threw in a free apricot too
5. Catch bus #12 to Bene.
This beautiful pebble beach is where all the locals go to cool off from the intense summer heat (today it reached 36 degrees!) I chose to walk back to Split, which takes about 45 minutes And sends you past a few other bays – including ones where the daredevil local boys jump from rocky ledges.
This less crowded beach is worth the effort
I love how clear the water is in Croatia
Walking back from Bene to Split
6. Grab dinner at Figa
This place was recommended to me by a local, and I’m really glad I listened. I suggest the turkey risotto, but there was a wide variety of seafood options too. Also the caipirinhas are delicious and cheap.

7. Visit Bačvice Beach after dark
By day, Bačvice Beach is packed with tourists because it’s so close to the old town. By night, it’s a pumping nightclub area, playing music I’m reliably informed is known as ‘Serbian Turbo Pop’. It’s a nice way to round of your day. Just don’t round it off too well – a guy in my hostel missed his early morning flight the day before because he was still out in Bačvice!

Sunset: time to head to the beach

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  1. Thank you for this post, I am going to Split this year, I am deffinitely going to find this beach you are writing about – Bene. 🙂

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