Leo in London: Part II

I’ve heard about nothing but da Vinci all week. Ever since missing out on tickets on Saturday, Paul’s been miserable. But he’s got a plan. eBay: where everyone’s a winner.We agree on a top price and only get into one argument during the bidding. I even pause Glee to find out if we’ve won. I’m a little […]

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Leo in London: Part I

They’re calling it the greatest exhibition in history. More Leonardo da Vinci works in one place than ever before – including during his lifetime. Of course, it sells out in record time. The National Gallery opens extended hours for three months and still sells all the advance tickets in less than a week. We miss […]

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We had a blip when we first arrived in Florence. It was pouring with rain, and the hotel owner informs me that he accidentally overbooked and transferred our booking to another place on the other side of town. We were planning on visiting David at the Galleria dell’Accademia but had tried and failed both online […]

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Day One in Madrid: The Rain in Spain

My first impression of Madrid by daylight wasn´t great. We headed straight to the Prado  (Spain´s major art gallery which includes Las Meninas, a work often called the greatest painting ever). Unfortunately, it was raining and we didn´t have an umbrella. We also weren´t expecting queues that snaked around the building (damn you Lonely Planet for […]

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Day Two in Paris: Monmartre

This morning we braved the crowds at the Musée D’Orsay. They had a great Manet exhibition on, and also some of my favourite Monet works. check out that queue. C’est incroyable! Once the Musée closed, we hopped on the metro to Monmartre, my favourite district in Paris. We climbed the hill to Sacré Coeur the […]

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