Day Two in Madrid: The Spanish Way

After the bedbug incident, I’m not really in the mood for an Art Gallery this morning. But, because it’s the Reina Sofia, and they have Picasso’s magnum opus, Guernica, I make the effort to be chipper.

The sculpture in the lobby is of a paintstroke. Paul fell in love and took about 100 photos.

The Reina Sofia was huge, and free because it’s Sunday! We weren’t so lucky at our next gallery, the Thyssen Bornemisza. Because they’re a private collection they charge too much all the time. I decided not to go, as I felt I’d had my fill already from three enormous galleries in two days! Paul spent the afternoon there while I checked out the markets near our hostel.

In the evening, we made good on our promise to have proper tapas in Spain, and walked to La Latina, where there’s a street of the cutest little Spanish tapas bars you ever saw. As we walked through Old Town, I finally felt like I was in Spain. The rest of Madrid is fairly non-descript, and could really be any modern city. But Old Town (and La Latina) couldn’t be anywhere else, and I loved that.

We feasted on three tapas and drinks at three different bars. My favourite dish was like a potato quiche with a crunchy top that I plan to find a recipe for. And, since discovering them not so long ago, I’ve believed that a good caipiroska is one of life’s best treats. And though they’re mainly a South American drink, I can tell you that the Spanish make a great one! I love the the way the fruit is muddled, rather than blended, so it’s like a cross between a cocktail and a fruit salad.

When we got home, there was a huge party at our hostel. It’s totally that kind of place. Knowing we wouldn’t be able to sleep (and not wanting to be reacquainted with the bedbugs too soon), we decided to join in and get to know the people in the hostel. It was worth it – by the time we got to bed (way too late, as per usual), we’d had a great night.


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