Leo in London: Part I

They’re calling it the greatest exhibition in history. More Leonardo da Vinci works in one place than ever before – including during his lifetime. Of course, it sells out in record time. The National Gallery opens extended hours for three months and still sells all the advance tickets in less than a week. We miss […]

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Ice Sculptures in London!

After missing the ice sculptures twice in Russia, Paul couldn’t resist surprising me when he found out there was a day long competition and exhibition right here in London! It was a great surprise, and I was amazed at the detail in the frozen water! My favourite was this downhill skier.

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The London A Cappella Festival

A few months ago, I found out that the A Cappella group who do the background music on glee are a London group called the Swingle Singers. Looking them up, I found out about the London A Cappella Festival. We booked tickets on the spot for their show tonight with another group, the Vasari Singers. […]

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An Antipodean Christmas

It’s my first Christmas on the other side of the world. It doesn’t feel much like Christmas because it’s so cold! I think I’d be able to wrap my head around it if it was snowing… but unfortunately it’s more wet, cold and rainy in London this December. I’ve learned how expensive postage to New […]

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Red Chair Goes Home

Red Chair had a problem. Red Chair couldn’t stay up. We rang his parents at IKEA and they told us to bring him home so they could take a look at him.These photos capture our last poignant moments with Red Chair, as we took a fateful journey by bus, train, tram, and walk to the […]

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Room for Rent #2 – Company

We’re moving house in two days, and I’m putting my writing habit to good use by drafting a new ad each day until we move to help our landlords advertise some of the unique characteristics of the flat we’ve grown to love over the past five months. Prone to loneliness? Living with eight others in a […]

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