What a Difference Two Years Makes

A lot can happen in two years.

Two years ago, I left New Zealand with a camera and a sense of adventure. One year ago, I wrote this list of the most interesting moments of my journey up until that point.

Now that I’m back on the bottom of the world, my travels seem a world away. And I guess they are. But that hasn’t stopped me from compiling a new list of the best moments of my second 12 months away.

100 days on the road. 29 countriesOlympics. 5 new bucket list ticks. First professional blogging gigs. 1 court appearance.

And there were so many highlights it took ages to link to them all:

I considered putting “vomiting in a tube station in rush hour” on here, but decided that wasn’t really a highlight…

Now that I’m home, next year looks exciting in a completely different kind of way. I’m working full-time in a job that pushes all the right buttons, and studying part-time towards that degree that’s always eluded me. I’m going to be in print for the first time – writing an article for a travel magazine. Plus I’m going to be both an uncle and a best man again. So, true to form, there’ll be no sitting still. I’ve no time for that.

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