…And Getting Caught in the Rain

I looked forward to this weekend all week: West End Live! Aka 200,000 people packed into Trafalgar Square to watch all the big shows perform live for 15 minutes.

It would have been amazing if it hadn’t poured. Like, cats and dogs and antelope poured. Die hard fans that we are, we had no choice but to escape into the National Gallery halfway through the Jersey Boys belting Sherry. Talk about the Four Seasons on stage. We seriously had to move though, as I’d worn a hole the size of a 50c piece into my left shoe, and another almost as big in the right. I walked around the gallery somewhat distracted by the small lake slowly leaking from my shoes.

Somewhere around the end of Rock of Ages, the weather picked up again. Sadly for us, that was the last act we wanted to see… so we basically saw bookends of a great show.

Before leaving town, I bought some new shoes.

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