Mind the Gap

So today I met Henrietta, the voice of the London Underground.

She owes her job to Emma Clarke, the previous voice, who was sacked after making the alternative announcements below.

I didn’t know until today that she’s also the voice of NS&I. We had a three hour recording session for a project I’m working on. She arrives a few minutes late and apologises. The sound┬átechnician┬ácurtly tells her she’s been lying a lot lately. I’m thinking that’s a bit harsh! He then continues, explaining that every morning he rolls his eyes when she tells him “there’s a good service on all London Underground lines”.

The penny drops. For the rest of the session I have trouble concentrating for more than a few minutes without hearing her sentences merge into “the next station is Oxford Circus”.

I guess this is what happens in the presence of celebrity.

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