Driving Through Tuscany

The drive from Siena to Rome took us right through Tuscany and Umbria. My lasting impression will be the fields of sunflowers.

Well, the fields of sunflowers and the crazy Italian drivers! Before long you realise that manoeuvres you would have swiftly tooted back home don’t even seem rude anymore!

Thanks to a travel tip from a knowledgeable friend, we stopped in Orvieto on the way.

Orvieto is a small hilltop town that suddenly appears in the middle of nowhere as you drive through Umbria. It feels like someone looked at a map of Italy and said “I’m going to put an enormous cathedral here“.

We spent well over an hour exploring the stone streets and appreciating the bustling atmosphere before continuing on our journey.

Orvieto even looks good as you drive away.

One thought on “Driving Through Tuscany

  1. Oh wow the day we went it was PISSING down and the only way up was in this overly crowded bus cos the furnicular was broken. It looks amazing in the sun. Happy travels and glad my tip wasn’t wrong. x

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