A Weekend in Barcelona

I think it was the smoothest weekender we’ve ever been on. The weather forecast was thunderstorms, but it didn’t rain at all. We didn’t get lost, the plane left on time, and we really loved everything about the wonderful city of  Barcelona. It was about 11:30pm when we arrived in the centre of town, and […]

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Life Lesson #33 – Delayed Off

Navigating the backstreets of a Spanish island in a manual hatchback with no map should be a recipe for disaster. I was perplexed to rock up at the terminal hours early without so much as a missed turnoff. There was that gnawing feeling that something was about to go wrong. EZ8634 – DELAYED. They put […]

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A Weekend in Majorca

We took our little suitcases with us to work on Friday, and just hours after the long weekend began we were in the air. Sunset as we approached the coast of France was so vivid it looked like a lava explosion. Majorca is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean. It’s a two and a half […]

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