Day Three in Madrid: The Real Palacio

Drama at the hostel this morning when the owner arrived. We knew he was coming, because the guy who runs the place finally got around to checking us in (and taking our money) last night – our third. The owner was one of those slimy types who tried to charge us €4 just to leave our small bags in the back room for a few hours. We didn’t stand for it.

The main thing on our agenda today was the Real Palais, which is the Spanish equivalent of Versailles, except it’s right in the city.

I enjoyed it more than Versailles. Mainly because the crowds weren’t as ferocious, so you could actually see stuff, but also because they have an armoury where you can see hundreds of suits of armour. The little boy in me absolutely loved it!

As we were leaving the armoury, the resident peacock even started showing off.

After the palace, we popped into the massive Catholic cathedral, then grabbed some tapas for lunch in a nearby cafe and headed to the airport.


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