Life Lesson #45 – Something Fishy

This is the part where I should mention that I’m allergic to most ocean creatures. I’m good with fish, but shellfish, squid and most crustaceans make my throat constrict and my stomach bloat like I’m carrying triplets. So, at a seafood restaurant, I’ll always order the fish. But a lifetime of avoiding all other seafood […]

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Life Lesson #44 – The Waffle

Today I learned never to eat local cuisine on the street. At least, not unless you’re sitting down. This is especially true if you’re somewhere really cool, like Belgium, where they have a really awesome national food, like waffles. If you do have to eat something really delicious on the side of a beautiful cobbled […]

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Life Lesson #43 – Mad Dash

You can call me Usain. This is me. For real. When you fly Ryanair on a non-EU passport, you have to get a visa-check stamp when you arrive at the airport, before going through security. Every other airline does it just before you board. This means that if you’re silly enough to forget to get […]

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