Heigh Ho, Off to Work I Go

First day of work today. Caught me by surprise really. I had expected my contract to be sorted on Monday, so when my recruiter was still mysteriously “resolving things” on Tuesday I started to worry that something was wrong. I could just imagine the phone call “sorry for the mix-up Mr Allen, we actually wanted the other guy”, or “oh you actually want a paid position. Oops.”

So, when my phone rang at 6:00 last night I was in Tesco, and fully expected that the best case scenario was lower pay than we’d discussed.

Not so. My recruiter is an absolute trooper. Not only did he negotiate £5 per day higher than the window we’d agreed on, but they wanted to know if I could start today! I just about crashed my trolley.

So, like a whirlwind, suddenly here I am.

NS&I has a friendly vibe. Everyone is welcoming, but it does feel a bit like a library where you can’t make too much noise.

It’s been a fairly typical first day really, health and safety, forms to sign, meeting lots of people and remembering none of their names.

My boss had to show me how to work the watercooler, which was a little embarrassing. Guess I failed that test!


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