Hippos and Pandas and Bears, Oh My!

San Diego Zoo today. We made the mistake of starting our day with the snakes, spiders and scorpions… I spent the rest of the morning jumping every time something touched me! Not so clever.
They have a baby hippo, and its mum was pushing it around the water in a way that reminded me of the opening scene from Dumbo. Too cute!
Other highlights were the Pandas (which, coincidentally, is one of my best friend’s nickname for me), the polar bears and the gorillas.
It was kind of surreal actually being there, because as a kid I used to dream of visiting the San Diego Zoo! Made me realise how world class our zoo in Auckland is though, because while this one was much bigger, I wouldn’t say it was any nicer or better for tha animals. Definitely worth going to see the animals we don’t have back home though.
Interestingly, I can never see the kiwis in the nocturnal exhibit back home, but caught the ones here with no trouble!


One thought on “Hippos and Pandas and Bears, Oh My!

  1. **warning: bad jokes ahoy….PANDA!!! Did you get to cuddle one? …or is that privilege Paulie’s alone 😉 tehehe I crack myself up.
    …can’t believe you saw some Kiwis in America of all places! I think I’ve only seen one in NZ and it defo wasn’t in the zoo!

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