Room for Rent #10 – Easy Access Plumbing

We’re moving house in ten days, and I’m putting my writing habit to good use by drafting a new ad each day until we move to help our landlords advertise some of the unique characteristics of the flat we’ve grown to love over the past five months.

Are you someone who loves to know how things work? Buttons are for sissies; you’ll leave our modern bathroom more satisfied after activating the flush process through our specially designed cistern access portal. With no detail overlooked, we’ve extended the same vision to your rustic showerhead. Experience water pressure previously unseen outside Africa with our unique layers of plaster assisting your morning wash. Now also featuring decorative foam that serves the dual purpose of holding the showerhead in place while also reinforcing a delightful bohemian atmosphere.

The specially designed cistern access portal.
The decorative foam.

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