Ottoman Trek: Serbia

For some reason I expected Belgrade to be monolithic and cold. But our local guide is quick to point out that it’s a city of music and culture, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that my preconceptions were miles off.Our walking tour takes in some of the key sights:

The old palace
One of many beautiful Orthodox churches
Belgrade loves its water features, as does my beautiful assistant Ally
The tour is timed perfectly to reach the fortress for sunset.
Adam and Lizzie at the fortress

Our guide explained to us that Belgrade has been razed to the ground on no less than forty occasions. On an unrelated note, it’s also the place where Amy Winehouse performed her last concert.

Dinner is in the outdoor area of a cute little Serbian restaurant. Being Day 3 of the Ottoman Trek, we’re starting to form friendships. I’m at a table of four people whose names all begin with ‘A’, and we decide to celebrate with a round of cosmopolitans. It made sense at the time.

I’ve been a little sick for the last few days, so my voice is hoarse. I gesture to the waiter, and when he comes over I point to the word ‘cosmopolitan’ in the menu and croak barely audibly “four cosmopolitans please”. He looks at me, looks at the menu, looks at the group, laughs himself silly, and walks away.

I love Serbia.
Later, Stacey receives some exuberant attention from a pair of traditional Serbian musicians.

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