A Weekend at Paris Photo

Earlier this year when we visited Dubrovnik, the place I’d always dreamed of going, I asked Paul what was #1 on his list. He only had one answer: Paris Photo, the world’s biggest art photography fair. 2011 is its 15th year, and for the first time it’s in the Grand Palais. Though I’d been to […]

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Day Three in Paris: The Louvre

I’m getting sick of the crowds. It turns out that it’s school holidays in Europe, which I probably should have checked before we booked. We’re now paying for it every time we want to do anything. Which is making me regret the incredible weather a little bit. It’s really beautiful… but makes long waits a […]

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Day Two in Paris: Monmartre

This morning we braved the crowds at the Musée D’Orsay. They had a great Manet exhibition on, and also some of my favourite Monet works. check out that queue. C’est incroyable! Once the Musée closed, we hopped on the metro to Monmartre, my favourite district in Paris. We climbed the hill to Sacré Coeur the […]

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