Day One in Paris: Fatigue et Tourisme

Every trip to Paris has to start with some sightseeing. There are certain things you just have to see! So after we slept for a few hours (following our eventful fail of a night), we headed straight into town on the Metro to see some of the famous Parisian sights.

After walking from the Eiffel Tower to L’Arc de Triomphe, we took the Metro to Notre Dame (and grabbed a delicious ham and cheese crepe for lunch on the way).

Then, just as we were walking from Notre Dame to the Pompidou Centre, Paul met the biggest bird I have ever seen. Well, judging from it’s bowels anyway.

The Georges Pompidou Centre was great. We were tired, but made our way around the entire thing before closing anyway.


The highlight of my entire day was stumbling across this just as we reached the top floor.

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