A Weekend in Oslo

View from the top at Frognerseteren. Within a few hours of landing in Norway, I was having one of the best Saturday afternoons of my life. Mind you, that was kind of predictable the moment toboggans were mentioned! Frognerseteren is definitely my favourite thing about Oslo. Where else in the world can you catch an […]

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Waitangi Snow

I hear Zoe shriek with excitement. Rushing into the living room, I realise she’s peering out the open window at a thick haze of spiralling snowflakes. Horizontal snow fogging the lens on Westminster Bridge. Like a true antipodean, I put on my warm clothes immediately. Before I’ve finished, I’ve had an excited txt from Kat […]

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Ice Sculptures in London!

After missing the ice sculptures twice in Russia, Paul couldn’t resist surprising me when he found out there was a day long competition and exhibition right here in London! It was a great surprise, and I was amazed at the detail in the frozen water! My favourite was this downhill skier.

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St Petersburg

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Russian overnight train between Moscow and St Petersburg. What I definitely didn’t expect was a luxurious private cabin! Score! Arriving in St Petersburg after the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had on a train, boat or plane. The walk to our hostel gave us an incredible view […]

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New Year, Red Square

There was a point when I was genuinely concerned that we wouldn’t make it in. The crowd was thick and pushy. There were more Russian military than I ever thought I’d see. They were standing with linked arms blocking every entrance to Red Square. Three rows of them, and a dozen metal detectors stood between […]

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Day Two in Moscow: Serendipity

Our second day in Russia was all about serendipity. After dismally failing to see ice sculptures the night before, I had googled my little heart out and learned about the annual Vyugovey Ice Sculpture Festival, which had apparently opened only two days earlier.Again, we didn’t get ice sculptures. It turns out that not only is […]

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