5 Titanic Tributes in Belfast

When we booked a trip to Belfast for the weekend of the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic disaster, we had no idea just how much the city that birthed the ship of dreams would do to commemorate it. The Grand Old Opera House had a performance of Titanic: The Musical that began at exactly 11:40pm […]

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Giant’s Causeway

Determined to see more than just Belfast on my first trip to Northern Ireland, I booked a day trip with Allen’s Tours to the country’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Giant’s Causeway. The first stop of the day is barely an hour outside Belfast. The formidable Carrickfergus castle. Northern Ireland has produced uncharacteristically sublime […]

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Murder Mystery Weekend

I loved Cluedo, and I love Downton Abbey. So the idea of a live-action murder mystery in a big old English country manor was irresistible. I bought us a pair of tickets on the spot back in June, but was somewhat bemused, when I rang, to find out that they were so popular there were […]

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Sheffield for a Show

Two weeks ago, I asked my Facebook friends to help me decide whether it was worth going to Sheffield (a five hour return high-speed train trip) to see a show. The decision was made swiftly when one of my friends responded to say that not only was he travelling up with some friends on the […]

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