Murder Mystery Weekend

I loved Cluedo, and I love Downton Abbey. So the idea of a live-action murder mystery in a big old English country manor was irresistible. I bought us a pair of tickets on the spot back in June, but was somewhat bemused, when I rang, to find out that they were so popular there were […]

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Sheffield for a Show

Two weeks ago, I asked my Facebook friends to help me decide whether it was worth going to Sheffield (a five hour return high-speed train trip) to see a show. The decision was made swiftly when one of my friends responded to say that not only was he travelling up with some friends on the […]

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A Weekend in Wales

Wales is the closest thing I’ve seen to New Zealand green since moving to Europe. We were invited to come and spend the weekend with Emily at her boyfriend Corin’s family home in Lampeter, along with their friends Tom and Laura. After narrowly making it onto the train at Paddington Station at an ungodly hour […]

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If You Like Pina Coladas…

A month or two ago I drooled while reading online about Taste of London, the annual food festival held in Regent’s Park just around the corner from our place. Then I saw the price. At £26 each just to get in, followed by a double whammy of still-quite-expensive food, there was no way we were […]

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A Weekend in Scotland

On Friday, straight after The Mousetrap, we caught the overnight bus up to Glasgow for the weekend. We booked the trip for this weekend so we could see Paul’s cousin Zoe perform in a cabaret she’d written as part of her studies at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. The 8 hour bus […]

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ANZAC in York

Our accommodation in Bradford was amazing. We think it’s because nobody really goes there… otherwise it would have been way above our price range! Yep, that’s where we stayed. When we were ready to leave Bradford, we hopped back into the dreaded manual and headed to another address Paul’s granny had lived at. Unfortunately we had trouble […]

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