The Birthday Trip

The only European trip we booked before even leaving NZ has arrived. I’m still pinching myself.

We’re spending the next two weeks chasing the Mediterranean around the Rivieras and down to the Amalfi Coast, then crossing the Adriatic. I’ve written out our basic itinerary here in case any of you have tips or suggestions.

We’ll be flying into Marseilles, then taking a train to Nice and Monaco the next day. The train after that will take us to Cinque Terre, the Italian national park with five tiny towns perched on rocky coastlines.

From there we head inland a bit, picking up a car in Pisa (and checking out their tower), then driving to Florence. The combination of heat and queues has driven a decision to stay there only for 24 hours before heading South to Siena for their famous Il Palio festival on 2 July.

Next stop is Rome, where we’ve again decided to stay only for a day, as we’re trying spend most of our time off the beaten track. From Rome, we drive further south to grab a pizza in Naples before relaxing on the Amalfi Coast in Positano for a few days.

Most of the day we leave Positano will be spent in Pompeii, before driving four hours to Bari on the East Coast. We’re going to Bari not because it’s beautiful, but because it’s a port town. After dropping off the car, we’ll be spending the night on a big creaky ferry crossing the Adriatic.

By the time we wake (hopefully rested!) we’ll have arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I promised myself I’d come here years ago when I saw a photo like this one in a book on my Aunty’s coffee table:

So, assuming we don’t get mugged somewhere along the way, this is where I’ll be turning 25.

One thought on “The Birthday Trip

  1. Ok in Rome… Even though you only have a day… Which is certainly not enough!!! I have a recommendation … Walk to the other end of via nazionale from all of the usual shebang AKA away from
    Colloseum, forum etc. Only about a 10 min walk from the obelisk… When you get to ( or near) the end you will come to a piaza.. There is a church there that looks like nothing from the outside except brick… It is actually built on old roman baths.. It was my second favorite church to visit… Interesting exhibit about the history and this cool sun clock like thing on the floor.., also if your drive takes you anywhere near to todi a small hill town (might be just slightly off the way from firenze to Roma .. But I can’t remember.. My family stayed there for a week it is so cute and gorgeous.. Orvieto is definitely worth a look, we went close to dusk and the shining sun on the gilded basilica was incredible!!! That’s my two cents. Oh and assissi was pretty cool, although the saint worship is odd, but you get that anywhere!

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